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High level Ministerial-CEO Roundtable on the First International Hydrogen Trade Forum

21 December 2023

hydrogen trade

Supporting an inclusive global trade of low carbon hydrogen

DUBAI – 5 December 2023

At the heart of UNIDO mission lies the commitment to advance a just and inclusive global hydrogen economy, ensuring that no country is left behind and fostering socio-economic benefits. As coordinator and technical secretariat of the International Hydrogen Trade Forum (IHTF), UNIDO facilitates the cooperation among the members of the Forum and industrial leaders, while bringing in the perspective and considerations of developing countries and transition economies in line with its mandate. On December 5th, a significant milestone was achieved with the inaugural Ministerial-CEO meeting of the IHTF, held as part of the COP28 Presidency’s High-Level Roundtable on Hydrogen. This event brought together over two dozen Ministerial officials from prospective hydrogen-importing and exporting countries, including Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Italy, Mauritania, Morocco, Namibia, Oman, Singapore, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. The meeting also saw the participation of a delegation of Hydrogen Council CEOs, representing global industrial leaders in hydrogen (e.g. Air Liquide, Air Products, Hy24, InterContinental Energy, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Linde, Masdar, OCI, Port of Rotterdam Authority, Snam, ThyssenKrupp Nucera, and others).

This event marked the launch of a suite of flagship initiatives aimed at accelerating the commercialization of hydrogen. These initiatives are designed to ensure the achievement of the 1.5 degrees target, while unlocking the socio-economic benefits inherent in cross-border value chains for hydrogen and its derivatives:

🌱The Public-Private Action Statement between the International Hydrogen Trade Forum and the Hydrogen Council laying out priority focus areas to synchronize the efforts of governments and industrial leaders. 
🌱 Intergovernmental Declaration of Intent on Mutual Recognition of Certification Schemes for Hydrogen and Hydrogen Derivatives covering over 80% of the future global market in hydrogen and its derivatives.
🌱The ISO methodology providing a global benchmark for greenhouse gas emissions assessment of hydrogen pathways on a life-cycle analysis basis. 

The roundtable featured remarks by UNIDO Director General Mr. Gerd Müller and representatives of the Clean Energy Ministerial, the International Energy Agency, the International Organization for Standardization, and the International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy.

Gerd Müller, UNIDO Director General stated: I would like to congratulate the COP28 Presidency on the work carried to advance low carbon hydrogen as the fuel of the future. The Declaration of Intent on Mutual Recognition of Certification Schemes for Hydrogen and Derivatives and the launch of the ISO methodology for greenhouse gas emissions assessment of hydrogen (Technical Specification, TS 19870) will certainly contribute to that end. UNIDO actively supports the COP28 Hydrogen Action Agenda and the initiatives of the International Hydrogen Trade Forum through the Private Public Action Statement. A just low carbon hydrogen transition needs all of us to work together, share our knowledge and resources. I look forward to this dialogue that will help us move forward for a more sustainable future that leaves no country behind.”

The International Hydrogen Trade Forum was launched on 22 July 2023 during the 14th Clean Energy Ministerial meeting that took place in Goa, India, with the aim of accelerating global hydrogen flows and providing a platform to foster the dialogue between a wide group of governments on the nascent international hydrogen market.

To learn more about the launch of the IHTF, please consult: UNIDO to coordinate new International Hydrogen Trade Forum | UNIDO

Through its Global Programme for Hydrogen in Industry (GPHI), UNIDO influences and –contributes to  the development of hydrogen policies, standards, skills, financing instruments, innovation and tangible green hydrogen industrial cluster projects aiming to unlock the socio-economic and environmental value of the international hydrogen economy and trade.

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