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Human Resources launches Onboarding initiative

20 June 2023

HR Onboarding Newsletter 2

From left to right: Jingya Chu, Intern, COR/HRS/TPA; Draga Paskova, Human Resource Officer, COR/HRS/TPA; Galya Dimitrova, Senior Human Resource Assistant, COR/HRS/ESR; Valeriia Kiparisova, Intern, COR/HRS/TPA


The Human Resources Services (HRS) Work-Group C, responsible for talent outreach, acquisition and onboarding initiatives, has launched in February 2023 a pilot onboarding program. As the recruitment and onboarding process is the first impression and experience people get working for UNIDO, it is also an opportunity to strengthen new personnel’s connection to the Organization, build trust, and inspire confidence and collaboration.

Developed by Draga Paskova (Human Resource Officer in COR/HRS/TPA) and Valeriia Kiparisova (Intern in COR/HRS/TPA), the pilot initiative aimed at supporting New interns joining UNIDO during their first days and weeks at the Organization.

The onboarding set up includes pre-arrival materials such as a booklet with detailed information about UNIDO and a Vienna factsheet to facilitate the relocation and accommodation process. Upon arrival, the program provides various activities such as a welcome meeting explaining the main rules and regulations UNIDO personnel are expected to adhere to, a presentation on the UN system and in-depth information about UNIDO, as well as talks with the Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women Unit, Staff Council and representatives from the core business functions. Complementing the onboarding program, HRS has introduced a “Buddy initiative” with the goal to allow more experienced personnel to be mentors to new-joiners and guide them during their first months at UNIDO. After its first two months, the pilot was fine-tuned, based on a feedback survey.

Currently, Jingya Chu (a new intern who joined Work-Group C in COR/HRS/TPA) and Galya Dimitrova (Senior Human Resource Assistant in COR/HRS/ESR) are working on scaling up the initiative and rolling it out to all new-joiners – consultants, project-funded and fixed-term staff members. The onboarding program is one of many HRS initiatives highlighting the ongoing reform efforts within the Human Resources Services, moving from previously highly administrative operations to a more people-centered approach. Through initiatives like this, UNIDO aims to contribute towards strengthening a culture of collaboration and team spirit which remain prevalent in the Organization.