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Innovative 3D Printing Technology to Transform Prosthetic Services in Ukraine

07 May 2024

Innovative 3D Printing Technology to Transform Prosthetic Services cover

Ukraine, 29 April 2024 - The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), with the support of the Government of Japan, is proud to announce the launch of a specialized training programme aimed at enhancing the capabilities of Ukrainian prosthetists. This programme introduces advanced 3D printing technology developed in Japan into the production process of prosthetics. It is a key component of the broader initiative, "Emergency assistance for 3D-printed prosthetics and job creation in Ukraine," which seeks to revolutionize prosthetic manufacturing and the assistive technology sector within the country. 

Starting April 29, 2024, at the Halychyna Rehabilitation Centre in Lviv, a transformative 8-week course in Digital Prosthetics Engineering is taking place, involving ten prosthetists from Ukrainian clinics and rehabilitation centres. This course, led by Japanese experts in the application of 3D-printing technology in orthopaedics & prosthetics, will contribute to modernize Ukraine's prosthetic services and elevate Ukraine's prosthetic services in response to the surge in need caused by the ongoing war. 

Programme Highlights: 

  • Technology and Training: For two weeks participants will learn and have hands-on experience with advanced 3D printing technologies and digital modelling techniques. Prosthetists will also share experience with international experts on the latest practices and trends in the global prosthetics market, equipping them with knowledge critical for modernizing the prosthetics manufacturing industry in Ukraine. 

  • Practical Application: The following six weeks will focus on hands-on, on-the-job training where the participants will apply their new skills directly. Participants will practice scanning, modelling, 3D printing, and fitting of prosthetics for 32 veterans who are awaiting these life-changing devices. This practical application not only allows participants to practice what they learned but also immediately impacts the lives of individuals in need. 

  • Modernization and Capacity Building: This programme is a cornerstone in the modernization of Ukraine's prosthetic manufacturing capabilities and rehabilitation services. By integrating cutting-edge technology and adopting international best practices, the programme is set to dramatically increase the quality and production capacity of prosthetic devices within the country. By doing so, it will significantly reduce the waiting times for amputees to receive these essential solutions, directly addressing one of the critical barriers in prosthetic provision. Furthermore, the introduction of digital scanning and modelling in place of the traditional casting methods also facilitates the decentralization of services allowing more flexibility and facilitating the reach of services into remote communities more effectively. This not only reduces the need for patients to travel long distances for care but also ensures continuous service and maintenance in the mid to long term.  

Innovative 3D Printing Technology to Transform Prosthetic Services

For further information, please contact:

Eduardo Alberto Ferreira De Sa Moreira