UNIDO to advise Mexican state Tabasco on industrial policy

UNIDO to advise Mexican state Tabasco on industrial policy

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VILLAHERMOSA, 18 November 2022 – At the request of the Secretariat for Economic Development and Competitiveness (SEDEC) of the southern state of Tabasco, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), with funding from the government of Italy, will provide technical assistance to elaborate and implement industrial policy.

UNIDO and SEDEC Tabasco will develop an industrial policy to promote a long-term and competitive industrial base, attract investment, and strengthen the participation of Tabasco companies in various value chains. Implementation of the policy will incorporate instruments such circular economy approaches and industrial parks, along with other measures to promote economic diversification and attract productive investment.

Mexico’s economy has flourished over the past three decades, mainly thanks to a free-trade pact with the United States and Canada, which has driven exports, but progress has been uneven. Along the northern border with the US and in central states, factories produce cars, aircraft parts and medical equipment, while, by contrast, the southern states are still looking for a productive niche. Tabasco’s economy has fared better than those of neighbouring states in the south of the country, but the authorities want to diversify: the exploitation of oil and gas reserves contributes half of the state’s Gross Domestic Product.

UNIDO will support SEDEC Tabasco in the preparation of an in-depth diagnosis of the state’s industrial activities, and will then identify activities with the greatest potential for sustainable and inclusive growth. UNIDO will assist in the identification of key policy instruments for the implementation of Tabasco's industrialization strategy and associated industrial policy, for example by identifying key bottlenecks in the current industrial policy framework and selectively recommending policy instruments such as investment promotion, industrial skills development, and infrastructure construction.

A signing ceremony for the “Agreement on Technical Assistance for the Elaboration and Implementation of an Industrial Policy for the State of Tabasco, Mexico” project was organized by SEDEC Tabasco, in collaboration with Mexico’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Embassy of Italy in Mexico, and the UNIDO Regional Office in Mexico. The event was attended by dignitaries and representatives of stakeholders, including Carlos Manuel Merino Campos, Governor of the State of Tabasco, and Luigi de Chiara, Ambassador of the Republic of Italy in Mexico.

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For more information, please contact:

Fernando Santiago Rodriguez, UNIDO Industrial Policy Officer

Email: f.santiagorodriguez@unido.org