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UNIDO ranks the first implementing agency by the Multilateral Fund

UNIDO, beside UNEP, UNDP and the World Bank is one of the four implementing agencies of the Multilateral Fund. The main objective of the Multilateral Fund is to assist developing country parties to the Montreal Protocol to comply with the control measures of the Protocol.

According to the result of the combined evaluation, UNIDO scored 95 out of 100 possible points and has achieved the rank of first implementing agency by Multilateral Fund for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol for the year 2008.

The agencies mentioned above are evaluated on the agile and time demanding technical and economical interalia indicators focused on the following aspects:


  • Review of existing projects and programmes approved and implemented against the three year rolling business plan by concerned implementing agencies that promote an ozone friendly environment through the use of alternate ozone friendly chemicals and new technologies through the implementation of Multilateral Environmental Agreements;
  • Review of technical feasibility and economic viability on project related activities like ODP phase-out targets, cost effectiveness, project preparation cost, speed in terms of first disbursement and financial completion, number of projects completed, milestones and compliance achieved etc. which reflects the performance indicators of UNIDO as an implementing agency of the Multilateral Fund Secretariat;
  • Review of existing awareness raising tools and mechanisms that promote developing non-ozone depleting alternative substances through new legislative measures and inter-linkages among National Ozone Offices; and
  • Finally achieving Millennium Development Goals 7 (MDG 7), which calls for environmental sustainability with economic growth enabling poverty alleviation.


The leverage of the performance indicators are measured quantitatively on the basis of trend analysis in future evaluations of the performance of implementing agencies: ODS phased out, funds disbursed, project completion reports, distribution among countries, value of projects approved, ODS to be phased out, cost of project preparation, cost-effectiveness, speed of first disbursement, speed of completion, and net emission due to delays.

Similarly, qualitative performance is analyzed on the feedback from developing countries. On 12 May 2009 the Fund Secretariat sent requests to all Article 5 countries for the completion of a questionnaire to assess the qualitative performance of the implementing agencies.  As a result of the combined evaluation, UNDO is ranked as the first implementing agency by MLF, scoring 95 out of 100 points for the year 2008.  UNIDO’s performance has continuously been highly ranked among the four implementing agencies of the MLF.  Between 2001 and 2007, UNIDO was ranked as the best implementing agency five times.