VIENNA, 4 October 2021 - More than a year ago, the COVID-19 pandemic hit global manufacturing in an unprecedented way by disrupting global value chains and restricting the movement of people and goods. Now, with a greater understanding of the channels of transmission and the vaccination campaign advancing in some countries, numerous governments across the world have begun easing restrictions.

LUSAKA, 29 September 2021 – The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), the Government of Japan, the Government of Zambia, and Hitachi Construction Machinery company are joining forces to address the growing demand for skilled construction equipment operators in Zambia’s construction and mining industries.

NEW YORK, 28 September 2021 – The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted Africa´s vulnerability due to its reliance on imports for most vaccines, medicines and other health product needs. The United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) estimates that Africa imports about 94% of its pharmaceutical
VIENNA, 22 September 2021 – Experts from various sectors and backgrounds gathered at the annual LKDF Forum to address the importance of digital skills in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and their role in social inclusion.

BAKU, 23 September 2021 – In a recent interview with the Trend News Agency, Stephan Sicars, Managing Director at UNIDO’s Directorate of Managing Director of Environment and Energy, has answered questions about Azerbaijan’s economy and the environment.

VIENNA, 15 September 2021 – Companies from around the world have been acknowledged for best practices, innovative approaches and ideas related to chemical leasing and similar performance-based business models for sustainable chemicals management. The award ceremony was held in a hybrid format with an in-person event combined with live streaming to a global audience.
NEW YORK, 16 September 2021 - The Council of Engineers for the Energy Transition (CEET) - an independent advisory council to the United Nations Secretary General - has been formally launched.
VIENNA, 8 September 2021 – LI Yong, Director General of UNIDO, and Pirkko Hämäläinen, Ambassador of Finland to Austria and Permanent Representative to UNIDO, have signed an agreement to foster partnerships aiming to harness the potential of developing countries in the natural resources and circular economy sectors by enabling well-functioning, inclusive and sustainable value chains and business models.

VIENNA, 3 September 2021 – UNIDO Director General LI Yong delivered a speech at the Ministerial Session of the Third Ordinary Session of the Specialized Technical Committee of Trade, Industry and Minerals, which was organized virtually by the African Union Commission’s Department of Economic Development, Trade, Industry and Mining.

VIENNA, 30 August 2021 - Ahead of the Fifth United Nations Conference on Least Developed Countries (LDCs), an Asia-Pacific Regional Review Meeting has discussed the implementation of the Istanbul Programme of Action for LDCs (IPoA). The Meeting was jointly hosted by the United Nations Office of the High Representative for the Least Developed Countries (UN-OHRLLS), the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP), and the Government of Bangladesh.