Serguei Golovanov

Chief Executive Officer

GOLEM Integrated Microelectronics Solutions


I grew up in the country that does not exist anymore. Fascinated with space and design of spacecrafts I got relevant job in the Rocket and Space Corporation Energia after graduation and learned:
- that unpredictable always requires having the options
- that systems must be adaptive, accommodate change
- if final product is done well, it most likely not only "fly" well, but look beautiful.

The lessons were important for other periods of my life. 
As IIASA scientist in the project “Sustainable Development of Biosphere” I studied:
-modeling of very complex systems with simple methods 
-importance of indicators as elementary models processing raw data for people to understand
-how to deal with the inherent complexity of real world systems.

Later I founded my own company. Some of our projects were made for UNIDO industrial modernization programmes and allowed travelling worldwide as international consultant. While running training and workshops for entrepreneurs in countries I was faced with diverse business cultures, variety of people’s interests and levels of education. I understood practical efficiency of continuous improvement, non-stop learning and growing power of ICT helping to cope with accelerating changes in our increasingly unstable and unpredictable world. 
To monitor, benchmark, simulate and control accelerating Change we developed PharosN platform for making models of complex cyber-physical systems and its computing. Connected to diverse real world data sources, IoT, sensors, various automated smart systems, it transforms big data streams into clear simple vision of ongoing processes and its sustainability for smart management, governance and education enabling rich set of powerful applications. Its solid system science methodology, high level of customization and flexibility enables organizations to address the growing challenges, adapt and deal with the Complexity and Change in the world of Smart Everything. Check at!


  • Chief Executive Officer

    GOLEM Integrated Microelectronics Solutions