Head of Industrial Ecology Research Group

University of Lausanne


Prof. Suren ERKMAN has a Master’s degree in Philosophy and Biology from the University of Geneva (Switzerland), and holds a PhD in Environmental Sciences from the University of Technology of Troyes (France).

Since the early 1990s, he has been contributing to the emerging field of industrial ecology. His main areas of expertise are Industrial Symbioses, Eco-industrial parks, Regional eco-industrial development, Waste Management, Closed Loop Artificial Ecosystems, Eco-innovation, Urban metabolism, Smart and Low Carbon Cities, Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU), Material Flow Analysis, Life Cycle Analysis, Sustainability Indicators, Environmental Governance, Green Economy, Circular Economy, Energy & Ecological transitions.

Prof. Erkman also regularly lectures in various universities in Switzerland, France, India, China, etc.

In addition to his academic activities, Prof. ERKMAN is a Senior consultant for governmental and international organizations like UNIDO, UNEP, The World Bank, etc. He is also Chairman and Co-founder of the international sustainability consulting firm SOFIES Group, headquartered in Geneva.


  • Head of Industrial Ecology Research Group

    University of Lausanne