Improving competitiveness of export-oriented industries in Armenia


The textile and clothing industry is one of the 11 strategic export-oriented sectors in the Republic of Armenia, who is among the major suppliers of garments and textiles for the region. As one of the most established sectors in the Armenian economy, the textile sector serves as an important source of employment in the country.

However, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the sector operate far below capacities and their products are uncompetitive in the regional and international markets. Nevertheless, there is a great potential for rapid development and the Government of Armenia considers the revival of the textile sector as a priority and as a means to create jobs, boost value-added trade and expand exports by exploiting a number of comparative and historical advantages both in the region and internationally.

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), in cooperation with the national counterparts, intends to support the implementation of the national strategic development priorities, identified in the Export-Oriented Industrial Policy and the Strategy for Development of the Textile Industry, by improving productivity, competitiveness and export capacities of manufacturing companies operating in the textile and clothing industry.


The objective of the project is to maintain and improve the market share of local textile and clothing enterprises in the domestic market and contribute to Armenia’s effective integration into regional and international markets. More specifically, the project aims to build local technical capacity to support the development and modernization of SMEs and to position Armenian products as high-end design goods.

This will be achieved by upgrading technical capacities in innovative fashion design and modelling, promoting business networking and partnerships between textile producers, designers of ready-made clothing, and export promotion. In so doing, the project will benefit from, and capitalize on UNIDO’s technical competence and experience in South Asia, Latin America and the South Mediterranean regions in modernizing the cotton-textile-garment (CTG) value chains - from the processing of raw materials to producing textiles and ready-made apparel and improving market access.


The UNIDO project is expected to contribute to the revival of the textile and clothing sector and the improvement of the international position and the global competitiveness of Armenia's manufacturing exports.

This will be achieved through the identification of export opportunities for Armenian textile and clothing producers, the modernization of industrial enterprises and the improvement of their competitiveness, as well as through building national technical capacities. As a result, SMEs operating in the textile and clothing sector will modernize their businesses, expand the production, improve the quality and gain the access to markets with the support of reinforced national technical expertise.

Milestone 1: New story of an old tradition

- Creation of a joint "5900 BC" brand uniting 8 local garment producers

- Presentation of the first "5900 BC" Collection Fall/Winter 2015/2016

- Participation of "5900 BC" in the national "Made in Armenia" exhibition

See Milestone 1 brochure here
Download the "5900 BC" Fall/Winter 2015/2016 collection catalogue here

Watch a video here

Milestone 2: Heading to the colorful challenge

- Creation of the second joint Capsule Collection Spring/Summer 2016

- Participation in international exhibitions and fairs, including the XXV CPM - Collection Premiere Moscow and the Federal Trade Fair for Apparel & Textile "Textillegprom"

See Milestone 2 brochure here
See the "5900 BC" Capsule Collection Spring/Summer 2016 catalogue here
Watch the video here

Milestone 3: The Winter Charm of 5900 BC

- Creation of the third joint Capsule Collection Fall/Winter 2016/2017

- Participation in international exhibitions and fairs, including the CPM - Collection Premiere Moscow 2016

See Milestone 3 brochure here
See the "5900 BC" Capsule Collection Fall/Winter 2016-2017 catalogue here

Milestone 4: The Summertime Dreams of 5900 BC

- Creation of the fourth joint Collection Spring/Summer 2017

- Participation in international exhibitions and fairs, including the Collection Premiere Moscow (CPM) Premium 2016

- The project achievements and the fourth 5900 BC Collection Spring/Summer 2017 was presented at a Creativity Show at the United Nations Vienna International Centre as part of the week-long celebration of the UNIDO’s 50th Anniversary.

See Milestone 4 brochure here
See the "5900 BC" Capsule Collection Spring/Summer 2017 catalogue here
Watch a video here

5900BC Fall/Winter 2017-2018 Concept Collection

- Creation of the fifth joint 5900BC collection - Fall-Winter 2017-2018 Concept Collection 

- Participation in the 28th edition of the Collection Premiere Moscow (CPM) international fashion exhibition on 20-23 February 2017

See the "5900BC" Fall/Winter 2017-2018 Concept Collection catalogue here

Milestone 5: 5900 BC Conquering New Heights

- Launching of the Phase II of the UNIDO Project

- The achievements of the Phase I of the UNIDO Project and objectives of the Phase II

See Milestone 5 brochure here.

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