Industrial modernization and competitiveness of carpet weaving, embroidery and textile sectors in Tajikistan



Responding to the 2014 request of the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Tajikistan, UNIDO developed and successfully implemented a technical cooperation project entitled “Industrial modernization and competitiveness improvement of carpetweaving and embroidery/textile sectors in Tajikistan”. This project, funded in equal shares by the Governments of the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation, covering the 2015-2017 period, oversaw a full-fledged enterprise diagnosis of carpet weaving and embroidery manufacturers resulting in tailormade expertise actions aimed at improving technological cycle, introducing innovative marketing tools, and developing unique and competitive products both for local and international markets.

More than 500 experts, most of them women including those on the margins of society, strengthened their skills in the production and market access cycles through newly introduced. training opportunities. Phase I spurred the revitalisation of Tajikistan’s textile and apparel sector, continuously generating employment with hundreds of jobs created in less than 2 years. As part of the unique joint brand “LA’AL Textiles” established in October 2015, products of Tajik carpet weaving, embroidery and textile enterprises were showcased at more than 16 national and international exhibitions. A substantial number of commercial contracts were signed with leading domestic and international hotels, restaurants, international retail shops and other partners. “LA’AL Textiles” has been domestically recognized as Brand of the Year 2017 and the Best National Brand for its contribution to sustainable industrial development, creation of new jobs and increased export capacity of Tajik products.



Phase II is expected to ensure the long-term sustainability of the results achieved thus far and further facilitate sustainable and inclusive industrial development in Tajikistan by:

• Providing incentives for enterprise development and technological modernization

• Contributing to introduction of innovative marketing tools, job creation, skills development and capacity building of national experts and business support institutions

• Improving Tajikistan’s international position in value addition, exports and global competitiveness.

Specifically, Phase II will:

• Provide technical support to a wider range of pilot beneficiary enterprises from various regions of Tajikistan encompassing additional textile industry sub-sectors, including traditional textile manufacturing such as Ikat Atlas and Adras

• Conduct analysis and develop tailormade modernization plans for each pilot beneficiary

• Carry out strategic market positioning for selected niches in the carpet weaving, embroidery, traditional textile industries in the context of regional and international export markets.

UNIDO Project Office in Dushanbe
Office No. 48
Rudaki 22
Building of the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Tajikistan
734012, Dushanbe

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