UN Energy

UN Energy

Enhanced international cooperation is central to achieving a transition to a “green economy” and “green industry”. In this regard, energy constitutes one of the core issues.

Despite its capacity to raise awareness, bring the stakeholders together and galvanize international action, until recently the United Nations has not been able to fully leverage its strengths and leadership potential in the field of energy. In response, the group, UN-Energy, was established in 2004, as an inter-agency mechanism composed of twenty UN system organizations, to promote coherence in the UN system’s multidisciplinary response to the energy-related decisions.

The fields of access to energy, renewable energy and energy efficiency - UN-Energy’s clusters - have garnered major attention and experienced rapid growth in investments and policy-related focus with an ever-growing number and variety of players involved.

It is making a major effort to ensure that the UN system, together with the World Bank, contributes in areas where strategic interventions would have a major impact. More recently, it has sought to use this platform to support the efforts of countries to reach the MDGs and to address the challenges of climate change.

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