Industry and adaptation

The impacts of climate change are already affecting people and ecosystems. Meeting the climate challenge requires industries and institutions - both public and private - to be able to assess and understand climate change, design and implement adequate policies and to work towards resource efficient societies and low emission growth. Especially interest in adaptation to climate change is growing as it is increasingly recognized that the impact from climate change has become inevitable even with significant mitigation to date.

UNIDO provides support to governments and industries to develop low carbon growth and climate resilient industry though policy advice, vulnerability assessments, implementation of adaptation technologies that synergies mitigation efforts with low-carbon technologies as a paradigm for inclusive and sustainable industrial development.

Especially, in the field of water management, UNIDO focuses on the sustainable use of water resources since scarcity of water becomes a critical issue as a climate change impact. This includes capacity-building for the industrial sector to improve water productivity, reuse and recycling, as well as the introduction at all levels of government policies and training in the adoption of the ecosystem approach and the sustainable use of its living resources.