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1 Oct 2021

The Millennium Challenge Account-Morocco Agency and UNIDO sign a $3.7 million grant agreement to support the design and implementation of a technical assistance and capacity-building programme part of the PCP’s industrial zones component.

1 Jul 2021

Morocco joins the Three Percent Club. UNIDO, as the convenor of the Industrial Energy Efficiency Accelerator and a partner of the initiative, will support the Government of Morocco in achieving its energy efficiency goals through the PCP Morocco.

1 Jul 2021

1 Jun 2021

Official launch of the PAGE initiative in Morocco. UNIDO together with UN sister agencies will support the greening of industry within the framework of the PCP for Morroco.


19 May 2020

Launch of joint UNIDO - AfDB assistance to Morocco’s National Federation of Agri-Business (FENAGRI) for the socio-economic assessment of COVID-19 impacts on the agro-food industry, as part of the PCP’s agro-industry component Guide for the digitalization of small and medium-sized enterprises developed to support economic response and recovery efforts related to COVID-19, as part of the PCP’s E-commerce component.

19 May 2020


19 Nov 2019

UNIDO supports Morocco’s First Global Industry 4.0 Conference, which gathered over 700 participants from the public and private sector to foster partnerships for the development of Industry 4.0 in Africa.

19 Jul 2019

UNIDO’s Director General meets with the President of the European Investment Bank at the Bank’s Headquarters in Luxembourg to discuss partnership prospects within the scope of PCP Morocco. UNIDO supports Morocco’s First Forum on Industrial Zones, and shares experiences and best practices in the development of industrial infrastructure and industrial zones.

19 Jul 2019

19 May 2019

Morocco’s “Industry Meeting Day” gathers over 1,500 participants from the national and international private sector, as well as policymakers, academia and media. UNIDO promotes success stories of public-private partnership projects supporting technical and vocational education and training. UNIDO promotes PCP Morocco at the occasion of the EU-Africa Business roundtable organized as part of the annual European Business Summit in Brussels.

3 Mar 2019

Official signing ceremony of the PCP Morocco Programme Document.

3 Mar 2019


11 Nov 2018

The UNIDO Executive Board approves the PCP Morocco Programme Document.

22 Sep 2018

UNIDO PCP team conducts programming mission to Morocco (23-29 September) to develop technical components. PCP Morocco National Coordination Body holds its first meeting. Donor and financial institution roundtable held to identify synergies and collaboration opportunities within PCP Morocco, chaired by the Ministry of Industry, Trade, Investment and Digital Economy of the Government of Morocco. Roundtable held with the national business sector to identify partnership opportunities. Draft Country Diagnostic shared with national counterparts for comments.

22 Sep 2018

26 Jul 2018

Government of Morocco’s PCP Team Lead visits UNIDO HQ in Vienna: meetings with UNIDO’s PCP Team to discuss programme components and country diagnostic.

26 Apr 2018

UNIDO conducts 1st PCP programming mission and launches the PCP Morocco Country Diagnostic. The Government of Morocco commits financial and in-kind contributions for PCP programming and implementation, as well as the organization of the Morocco Investment Forum to be held in 2019. Roundtables held with national counterparts to discuss focus areas of technical cooperation. Discussions with the African Development Bank and the Islamic Development Bank on collaboration within the framework of PCP Morocco.

26 Apr 2018

26 Feb 2018

UNIDO Executive Board approves the development of PCP Morocco.

Introducing Morocco

The Kingdom of Morocco is located on the westernmost tip of North Africa. The country spans across mountainous areas and the Sahara desert with coastlines on the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. Morocco is a constitutional monarchy with a multi-party government system and a population of 34.8 million.

Due to the Government’s significant investments in infrastructure development, Morocco benefits from one of the most well-connected transport facilities in the region, including modern rail and road networks.

Economic growth has averaged around 4% per year, with Morocco ranking as the 6th largest economy in Africa in terms of GDP. The service sector represents 56.3% of GDP, with industry and agriculture constituting 29.2% and 14.5%, respectively. In recent years, the sectors of telecommunication, textiles, tourism and information technology have recorded the highest growth rates. Nearly 40% of the labour force is employed in agriculture.

Morocco ranks 69th in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business 2018 report, with FDI inflows amounting to USD 2,651 million in 2017 (UNCTAD World Investment Report 2018), of which 19.9 % were in the manufacturing sector.

PCP Morocco

A unique opportunity to boost the economy

Morocco became a Member State of UNIDO in 1985. Since, UNIDO has provided assistance to Morocco through nearly 200 projects in the areas of industrial competitiveness, poverty reduction, environmental protection, agro-industrial development and energy efficiency.  In 2018, Morocco was announced as the pilot PCP for the Arab region.

The PCP’s programming phase started in April 2018 with the launch of a country diagnostic to help identify the main opportunities and bottlenecks for advancing industrialization in Morocco, and support the design and development of the PCP. The Programme for Country Partnership for Morocco (PCP Morocco) will support the implementation of the Government’s Industrial Acceleration Plan 2014-2020.

The PCP rests on a multi-stakeholder partnership between development partners, UN agencies, financial institutions and the business sector, under the overall leadership of the national Government. Through the PCP, UNIDO provides policy advice to the Government, delivers multidisciplinary technical assistance focused on selected industrial sectors and areas, and facilitates overall PCP coordination and the convening of partners.

PCP Morocco will focus on several priority industrial sectors and areas, namely industrial zones, agro-industry, energy, circular economy, Industry 4.0 and E-Commerce. The programme will also integrate cross-cutting issues such as statistics, gender mainstreaming, partnerships, and South-South and triangular cooperation.


PCP Morocco supports the following national targets from the Industrial Acceleration Plan 2014-2020, inter alia: