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Policy Briefs

IID Policy Brief 4: Aligning digital and industrial policy

2023  |  Author(s): C. Foster and S. Azmeh

#Policy Brief

Digital technologies are driving industrial transformation, with impacts across a range of
sectors of production. This includes potential shifts in the geography of global production
with implications for industrial development. Novel approaches to industrial policy are
necessary to embrace and take advantage of these changes.

IID Policy Brief 1: Global Industrial Policy: Measurement and Results

2023  |  Author(s): R. Juhász, N. Lane, E. Oehlsen and V. C. Pérez

#Policy Brief

Using a readily available source of mass data on commercial policies, we present insights into current industrial policy use around the world. Our findings suggest that industrial policy is on the rise globally, with rich countries leading the race in terms of its use.