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UNIDO conducts applied economic research on the patterns of structural change and disseminates its findings both within the organization and to the development practitioners’ community. On this basis, it advocates the relevance of accelerated industrial development and improved industrial competitiveness as instruments to reduce poverty and increase sustainability. UNIDO supports Member States in the design and implementation of policies to expand and diversify their productive capacity, and it advocates for sustainable industrialization strategies at the global and regional level.

Functions include: 

  • Provide evidence-based analysis of the process of economic growth and industrial structural change in the context of the global economy.
  • Convene national, regional and international forums to acquire and disseminate knowledge and expertise, and raise awareness on the role of sustainable industrial diversification and competitiveness policies in economic development.
  • Lead the implementation of the UNIDO research agenda in collaboration with units from other Divisions, field offices and external partners.
  • Provide strategic advisory services to Member States and regional bodies on industrial policy design and implementation in the field of diversification and competitiveness.
  • Support the establishment of mechanisms of benchmarking and self-assessment in industrial development at the regional and country levels.
  • Contribute to the production of the Industrial Development Report.
  • Support in the advocacy of industrial development in achieving the MDGs and other internationally agreed development goals.


Global Value Chains and Development

UNIDO’s Support towards Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development

PDF (English)

GLOBAL GREEN GROWTH: Clean Energy Industrial Investments and Expanding Job Opportunities

Vol I. Overall Findings

 PDF (English)

GLOBAL GREEN GROWTH: Clean Energy Industrial Investments and Expanding Job Opportunities

Vol II. Experiences of Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, the Republic of Korea and South Africa

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Competitive Industrial Performance (CIP) Index

UNIDO offers its Competitive Industrial Performance (CIP) Index on The CIP index benchmarks national industrial performance of more than 110 countries using indicators of an economy's ability to produce and export manufactured goods competitively.