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Industrial Development Board, 19th session

Vienna, Austria, 18-19 May 1998


A package of specialized products for developing countries and transition economies was unveiled by Director-General Carlos Magariños to the 19th session of the Industrial Development Board. Based on the Business Plan on the Future Role and Functions of UNIDO adopted by UNIDO's General Conference last December, the new products focus on the two areas where UNIDO can make a high impact on industrial development: strengthening of industrial capacities and promotion of cleaner industrial development. Following the Director-General's introduction of a new management approach in UNIDO, the products represent the next main step in the Organization's transformation.

Other substantive agenda items included the 1997 Annual Report, technical cooperation in 1997, second Industrial Development Decade for Africa, industrialization of the least developed countries, field representation and International Centre for Science and High Technology.


Report of the IDB on the work of its 19th session