Argentina Statement

Industrial Development Board, twenty-ninth session

Statement by Vice Governor Juan Schiaretti, Argentina's Córdoba Province

Vice Governor of Argentina's Córdoba Province, Juan Schiaretti said that Cooperation with UNIDO and its Member States was vital if Argentina was to overcome the effects of the crisis, implement its development programme, reintegrate into the world economy and improve standards of living. In Argentina, more than 70 per cent of industrial jobs were created by small and medium enterprises, particularly in the fields of fishing and agriculture. He said the country's democratic system was functioning, a new president had been elected, and Argentina had begun to overcome the crisis.

In 2003, growth in the gross domestic product (GDP) had stood at 8.3 per cent, and it was expected to be around 8 per cent in 2004. It was to be hoped that the improved economic conditions would make it possible for Argentina to reintegrate into the world economy, first and foremost through cooperation with fellow members and associate members of the Common Market of the Southern Cone (MERCOSUR), but also with other economic groupings hi the South American region such as the Andean Community, and with Europe, North America, Asia and Africa.