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A female entrepreneur takes her agribusiness company to the next level

18 March 2024 UNIDO

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Asna Said Allaoui established her agribusiness in Comoros in 2019, drawing on more than a decade of experience in the hospitality industry in France. AMS Inc. manufactures and distributes processed agricultural products like potatoes, onions, maize, ginger, and various fruit-based beverages. 

The agricultural environment of Comoros presented unique challenges for trailblazing AMS Inc., the first company to focus on vegetable cultivation and fruit juice processing, and therefore, innovative market strategies were necessary. 

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Allaoui’s aspirations and requirements aligned perfectly with UNIDO’s EU-funded APILE project, which provides technical assistance and strategic guidance to bolster the nation's Ministry of Economy, promoting upgrades for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises to enhance the competitiveness of the private sector. Areas covered include quality control, manufacturing processes, standards adherence, marketing strategies, market access and analytical insights.   

APILE provided Allaoui with tailored training in fruit juice transformation and business management resulting in substantial advancements to AMS Inc.'s business model, the signing of a five-year product licensing agreement, and the opening of avenues for local commercialization in Comoros.  

“We value our cooperation with UNIDO and how they listened to our business needs and coached us to improve our operations,” enthuses Allaoui. “Their support helped us achieve our goals and make our dreams a reality.” 

In Comoros, Allaoui's exceptional, UNIDO-aided entrepreneurial journey in agriculture is now seen as a pillar in the transformation of Comoros' agri-business sector, specifically in the areas of production and processing. 

Allaoui's extensive experience and astute market analysis led her to make strategic investments in equipment designed for the area's specific challenges related to sporadic electricity and water supply. These investments were pivotal in expanding AMS Inc.’s production capacity, leading to remarkable success. AMS Inc. is now employing 11 individuals in agricultural production and an additional five staff members involved in transforming agricultural products and fruit juice production.  

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Looking forward, Allaoui and AMS Inc. are eager to expand their market to Mayotte and East Africa, seeking further comprehensive guidance for this ambitious vision.  "I expect the APILE programme to provide me with a technical, strategic and financial support, in order to become a leader in my specialty, agri-food transformation, and thus move from subsistence entrepreneurship to resilient and prosperous entrepreneurship".

As Allaoui’s transformative journey receives comprehensive support from UNIDO, her success signifies a brighter future for agribusiness in Comoros, illustrating the potential for growth and transformation in the country’s agricultural sector. 

Project name: Programme d’Appui à la Production, à l’Industrialisation et au Libre Échange aux Comores (APILE)