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Energy-efficient production: UNIDO's support for resilient eco-industrial parks in Ukraine

12 April 2024 UNIDO

UNIDO eco-industrial parks in Ukraine 1

Prior to 2022, Ukraine was one of the most carbon-intensive countries globally, with its economy dominated by resource- and energy-intensive technologies. According to UNIDO's Ukraine Industrial Country Diagnostics 2023, the intensity of Ukraine's industrial water use, raw material consumption and CO2 emissions considerably surpasses the European Union average. The ongoing war has only exacerbated existing challenges faced by Ukrainian industries on their way towards sustainability, with critical infrastructure compromised and many businesses forced to relocate. Industrial decarbonization and the adoption of circular economy principles is crucial for progress toward EU accession. The implementation of energy-efficient production, effective waste management, and the integration of renewable energy sources will not only bring Ukrainian industry in line with European standards but also bolster the economy and lay the foundation for Ukraine's post-war industrial and economic recovery.

UNIDO has long supported Ukraine’s sustainable industrial development, economic growth, social well-being, and environmental sustainability. In 2020, UNIDO's Global Eco-Industrial Park Programme (GEIPP) was introduced in Ukraine, funded by the Swiss Government through the State Secretariat of Economic Affairs (SECO). The programme, first launched in 2018, has been supporting emerging economies in creating more competitive and sustainable industrial parks and adopting circular economy practices. In Ukraine, it enhances environmental, economic, and social performance in local businesses and industries by promoting eco-industrial park approaches and demonstrating their viability in scaling up resource productivity.

Eco-industrial parks are key drivers for inclusive and sustainable industrial development for a variety of reasons. They promote green production policies by introducing resource-efficiency and energy-saving practices, provide decent job opportunities, facilitate access to finance and technical support for companies, and enhance businesses competitiveness, all while fostering community cohesion.

UNIDO has been providing technical assistance to three selected industrial parks - BVAK in Bila Tserkva, AgroMash in Zaporizhzhia and Patriot in Sumy - to facilitate their transition into Eco-Industrial Parks. UNIDO adopts a multifaceted approach, which includes policy support, capacity building and upscaling of best practices and technologies.

In March, a UNIDO delegation visited the BVAK Industrial Park, where Trivium Packaging, a metal food packaging manufacturer, has been collaborating with UNIDO through the programme as well as through the project “Introduction of Energy Management System Standards in Ukrainian Industry”, funded by the Global Environment to discuss the latest accomplishments and the next steps towards energy-efficient production.

UNIDO eco-industrial parks in Ukraine
Trivium Packaging operates in over 20 countries. In Ukraine, the company manufactures metal food packaging for both domestic use and export.

“Since 2020, we have been actively cooperating with UNIDO on energy-saving projects. Sustainable development is one of the company's core values. Our story began with an energy audit supported by UNIDO which showed both positive areas and some areas that required improvement.”  says Ludmila Tereschenko, Deputy Director at Trivium Packaging in Bila Tserkva. “Accordingly, we started implementing projects which have given very good results. As per 2023, we reduced our gas use by 4 percent and electricity use by 2 percent and we are moving forward towards energy-efficient production.”

Following the audit conducted by UNIDO, Trivium Packaging introduced several waste heat recovery solutions.  Oleg Romenskiy, Technical Director, lists a few examples:

"We have executed a project for waste heat utilization from the air compressors for water heating. Excessive heat is used for heating the office and water preparation. We have also insulated the pipes in the boiler room. And we have used some excessive heat from another compressor for production area heating.”

UNIDO eco-industrial parks in Ukraine 3
Oleg Romenskiy, Technical Director at Trivium Packaging in Bila Tserkva, speaks to the UNIDO delegation.

Additionally, UNIDO is providing Trivium Packaging a solar station on the building's roof as part of a project designed to increase the resiliency of energy supply for productive uses, funded by the Government of Germany.

One of UNIDO’s main objectives in advancing energy efficiency is embedding its principles into daily industrial operations. Equipping personnel with the skills and knowledge necessary to implement energy efficiency practices in their workplace ultimately leads to establishing a culture of energy efficiency within businesses. To fulfill this goal, a training program on energy management aligned with ISO 50001 standard was also organized for Trivium Packaging personnel in 2023.

“I would like to thank UNIDO for their support” says Ludmila Tereschenko. “Together, we have achieved really great results.”

UNIDO eco-industrial parks in Ukraine 2
Ludmila Tereschenko, Deputy Director at Trivium Packaging in Bila Tserkva

By providing the GEIPP beneficiaries with essential tools, both for analysis and for action, UNIDO strives to elevate overall resource efficiency in Ukraine. Developing energy efficient production will contribute to strengthening Ukraine's industrial resilience and thus address two pressing needs:  help withstand the impact of the ongoing war and facilitate post-war recovery.


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Eric Bishel, Partnership and Communication Expert, Regional Bureau for Europe and Central Asia