DDGThe Department of Policy, Research and Statistics (PRS) is UNIDO's public policy research, analysis and engagement arm, generating policy-oriented data, analysis and advice on domestic and international issues that relate to inclusive and sustainable industrial development. Those creating, implementing and monitoring activities are at the centre of any norm-defining organization, giving PRS a pivotal role in UNIDO's current and future normative efforts.

To this end, PRS hosts a wide range of data, knowledge and analytics tools that include regular compilation of statistics specific to industrial development, the publication of major action-oriented knowledge products such as the Industrial Development Report (IDR), and the provision of applied advisory and capacity-building services.

PRS also convenes major global fora and brings to the table a diverse range of stakeholders, including public and private sectors, academic institutions, NGOs and civil society. In doing so, the Department enables both policymakers and the public at large to make informed decisions about industrial policy issues.

The Department’s combined intellectual contribution to UNIDO's mandate is not only used as the basis for technical cooperation activities but also plays a key role in advancement of the Organization’s normative mandate. This role will be further expanded with the establishment of the forthcoming Multilateral Industrial Policy Forum (MIPF).