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SolutionTalks - Raising awareness of the SDGs in Vienna

UNIDO supports all 17 SDGs, but puts a strong emphasis on SDG9, which focuses on building resilient infrastructure, promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization and fostering innovation. These are critical for developing countries, and equally relevant for the City of Vienna, which is home to multiple International Organizations, and an international hub for multilateralism and international relations, and can act as a role model for other cities on how to best advocate among the public for the SDGs and their importance for the global community.

Numerous SDG-related projects are in existence in Vienna, but a concerted effort to bring these initiatives and projects into the overall context of the Agenda 2030 is missing. Aiming to increase the Agenda’s visibility and awareness among locals, the jointly by UNIDO and the Social City Vienna organized “SDGs SolutionTalks” event series works towards overcoming the great challenge of awareness, and revolves around the question of how the Agenda 2030 is currently being implemented in the Viennese private sector, organisations and institutions, and what can be done to make the public more alert.


Following a kick-off event in June, the talks are organized on a monthly basis from September 2018 onwards; each focusing on one SDG, and its relevance for Vienna. A selected audience, e.g. representatives of the public and private sector, NGO's, academia, civil society and other relevant stakeholders, is invited to participate in the discussions.

The first official talk – focusing on SDG9 – is held at the Vienna International Centre on September 14th, and participants will reflect on innovative ways of leveraging local partnerships within the SDGs framework to support increased awareness in Vienna, discuss ideas to mobilize financial and non-financial resources, bring forward awareness raising ideas and explore potential joint initiatives and collaborations while enhancing the overall understanding of the Goal 9 among participants.

The talks will be held in German language.

Date and Venue

The first SDGs SolutionTalk event focusing on SDG9 will take place on 14 September 2018 from 9:00 to 13:00h in the Mozart Room (VIC Restaurant) at the UN Headquarters in Vienna.


All participants accessing the Vienna International Centre (VIC) must have a conference badge; to be issued at the registration desk at Gate 1 of the VIC. 

In order to be registered, invited participants are requested to confirm their participation per email until 12 September 2018 the latest. 



Isabel Bader, Advocacy and Media Relations: e-mail

Claudia Grössing, Advocacy and Media Relations: e-mail

Social City Vienna:

Emil Diaconu, Management: e-mail

Margot Prinz, Cooperation and Projects: e-mail


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