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Policymaking Organs

UNIDO has two policymaking organs: the General Conference and the Industrial Development Board. The Programme and Budget Committee is a subsidiary organ of the Industrial Development Board.

General Conference (GC):
The General Conference determines the guiding principles and policies of the Organization and approves the budget and work programme. Every four years, the Conference appoints the Director General. It also elects the members of the Industrial Development Board and of the Programme and Budget Committee. The Conference meets every two years.

Industrial Development Board (IDB):
The Board has 53 members, elected for a four-year term on a rotational basis. It reviews the implementation of the work programme, the regular and operational budgets and makes recommendations to the Conference on policy matters, including the appointment of the Director General. The Board meets once a year.

Programme and Budget Committee (PBC):
The Committee consists of 27 members, elected for a two-year term. It is a subsidiary organ of the Board which provides assistance in the preparation and examination of the work programme, the budget and other financial matters. The Committee meets once a year.

UNIDO currently has 170 Member States.

Organizational Structure