UNIDO is the specialized agency of the United Nations with a unique mandate to promote and accelerate sustainable industrial and economic development.

UNIDO supports countries to industrialize in ways that foster digital and green transitions and accelerate progress with the Sustainable Development Goals.

The world is faced with an array of challenges:

  • We are on the verge of a global food crisis, with a rising number of people experiencing hunger and food insecurity.
  • We are in the grip of a climate catastrophe and the window to avert it is rapidly closing.
  • We are reeling from the worst economic crisis in decades and small businesses in developing countries are still struggling.

UNIDO can help its Member States overcome them.

UNIDO’s priorities are:

  • To reduce hunger by helping businesses from farm to fork. 
    This means sharing knowledge and technology to help reduce post-harvest loses and increase food security. Agribusiness can generate job opportunities for young people.
  • To stop climate breakdown by using renewable energy and energy efficiency to reduce industrial greenhouse gas emissions.
    This means promoting policies, technologies and practices to provide countries with the opportunity to forge low-carbon economies. Climate action can create millions of new jobs.
  • To support sustainable supply chains so that developing country producers get a fair deal and scarce resources are preserved.
    This means setting global environmental and social standards, alongside knowledge and technology transfer to improve quality and add value. Supply chains are essential to trade, and trade is essential to job creation.

The UNIDO motto is "Progress by innovation".

It is imperative that governments, industry, businesses, and society at large think outside-the-box. UNIDO supports innovation across the whole spectrum of industrial development.