• Event In Brief
  • Major Sub-themes
  • Forum Objectives
  • Expected Outcomes
  • Parallel Side Events
  • Who Should Participate?
  • Under the auspices of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, King of Bahrain, the World Entrepreneurs Investment Forum 2019 (WEIF 2019) will be held in the Kingdom of Bahrain concurrently with the 18th Arab Annual Investors Summit between November 12 to 13, 2019. The event is organized by UNIDO ITPO Bahrain, in partnership with the Union of Arab Chambers and the support of the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

    In line with the success achieved during the previous versions of WEIF; this year’s main theme is “Achieving the SDGs through Entrepreneurship & Innovation” but with special focus on “Investing in the 4th Industrial Revolution in a Digital Economy”. Hence, the event intends to emphasize the pressing need to promote domestic investment for leveraging foreign direct investment, thus leading to job creation, but in the context of the challenges and opportunities laid out by the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR). 

    WEIF 2019 will promote and highlight the role of impactful investment and innovation towards economic development and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, while showcasing the current challenges and opportunities towards sustainable economic development in developing countries, particularly in the Middle East, North Africa, and Sub-Saharan Africa. Challenges include the stability of these regions and the underlying economic and social factors that are poised to address them.

    Themes covered include the digital revolution and Industry 4.0, entrepreneurship & innovation, and the financial inclusion of entrepreneurs.

    WEIF 2019 coupled with the Arab Annual Investors Summit will serve as a unique platform for governments, investors, private sector, academia, financial institutions, civil society and entrepreneurs from the Arab region, Africa and eventually the world to explore possibilities of sharing best practices and experiences, cooperation, joint investments and business partnerships

    • The Role of Entrepreneurship Towards Addressing Challenges in the Arab Region & Africa
    • Financial Inclusion 4.0 for entrepreneurs
    • Institutionalizing Innovation
    • Industry 4.0
    • Education 4.0

    • Introducing international best practices and successes on entrepreneurship and innovation in the backdrop of 4IR
    • Facilitating business partnerships and investments for domestic enterprise creation and expansion,
    • Highlighting best practices for governments and key stakeholders towards enhancing and adopting modern educational systems, financial inclusion tools that are effective in ensuring productivity and sustainability
    • Creating a platform for entrepreneurs from around the globe to develop joint investments and trade facilitation.
    • The Participation of 1000 consisting of; Entrepreneurs/investors from across the globe with special focus the Arab Region and Africa;
    • Participation of major developmental organizations and Funds; Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture; Economic associations and entrepreneur’s networks; Specialized entrepreneurship and MSME agencies; Universities and academicians; Major financial institutions and Technology providers and investors.
    • The Forum aims to provide a platform for Entrepreneurs to Entrepreneurs bilateral meetings and matching with the aim of developing joint investments, collaboration and trade facilitation.
    • Present the UNIDO tools and methodologies towards meeting the SDGs, by utilizing entrepreneurship and innovation.
    • Create linkages with financial institutions for entrepreneurs and develop joint programs with developmental financial institutions.
    • Allow the participants to deliberate on the challenges, opportunities, threats, and the road forward towards achieving the SDGs in the back drop of the 4IR.
    • 2nd International Conference on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Investment: Role of Education and Universities
    • Sustainable Investments for Agenda 2030
    • Young Business Hub Start-up Investment Summit
    • Entrepreneurs from across the globe
    • Major developmental organizations and funds
    • Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture
    • Economic associations and entrepreneurship networks
    • Specialized entrepreneurship and MSME agencies
    • Universities and academicians
    • Major financial institutions and investors
    • Technology providers
    • Industry leaders in all sectors

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