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Green Recovery Vision for Ukraine


Cooperation for Recovery

UNIDO is working to develop and implement a Ukraine-owned green industrial recovery programme to restore the livelihoods of war-affected people, support sectors and businesses that were damaged or relocated as a result of the war and strengthen the long-term sustainability and resilience of Ukraine’s industry. UNIDO envisions a resilient, green and sustainable industry in Ukraine, through a strategic and integrated approach focusing on:

UNIDO’s work in response to the war in Ukraine is part of a long-standing commitment to the country’s sustainable industrial development, economic growth, social well-being and environmental sustainability.

UNIDO has been improving and greening the productive capacities of Ukraine
through industrial policymaking, technical cooperation, capacity-building, peer learning, knowledge transfer and private sector connections.

We create opportunities for people

  • To restore the livelihoods of war-affected vulnerable groups
  • To create a stronger job market and promote entrepreneurship
  • To provide the needed technical and vocational skills to displaced persons and returnees
  • To support the reintegration of people with disabilities into the labour market
  • To assist policymakers in crafting policies to stimulate human-centred industrial growth
  • To identify, using data, where interventions will have maximum impact
Ukrainian women examine a tile in a factory

We support businesses and attract investment

Ukranian workers pack pet food
  • To assist micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in retaining and expanding operations
  • To strengthen Ukraine’s export capacities
  • To promote Ukrainian products and facilitate access to regional and global markets
  • To restore and establish value and supply chains in key industrial sectors
  • To foster innovation-driven business ecosystems
  • To guide growth with data

We foster a green economy

  • To ensure data-driven and evidence-based green recovery
  • To steer industries in the application of resource-efficient and cleaner production practices
  • To reduce waste generation and promote recycling
  • To improve access to renewable energy for productive use
  • To accelerate energy efficiency and decarbonization in industry
  • To support the reduction of industrial pollution
Industrial equipment at a pet food factory

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