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Green Recovery Vision for Ukraine


Cooperation for Recovery

UNIDO is implementing a Ukraine-owned green industrial recovery programme to restore the livelihoods of war-affected people, support sectors and businesses that were damaged or relocated as a result of the war and strengthen the long-term sustainability and resilience of Ukraine’s industry. UNIDO envisions a resilient, green and sustainable industry in Ukraine, through a strategic and integrated approach focusing on:

UNIDO’s work in response to the war in Ukraine is part of a long-standing commitment to the country’s sustainable industrial development, economic growth, social well-being and environmental sustainability.

UNIDO has been improving and greening the productive capacities of Ukraine through industrial policymaking, technical cooperation, capacity-building, peer learning, knowledge transfer and private sector connections.

UNIDO in Ukraine

Our Publications and Resources

2024 | UNIDO

UNIDO green industrial recovery programme for Ukraine 2024 - 2028

2024 | UNIDO

Industrial Diagnostic Study Ukraine

2024 | U. Korwatanasakul, N. Cantore, N. Haraguchi, S. Sicars, N. Takahashi, P. Sobolievskyi, A. Dligach

IID Policy Brief 10: Navigating challenges: Policy solutions for Ukrainian firms on the road to recovery

2024 | UNIDO

Diversifying and rebuilding the Ukrainian economy: Application of the DIVE tool

2024 | UNIDO

Exploratory Strategic Foresight for Circular Economy in Ukraine Final Report: Towards the Circular Economy Ukraine

2023 | UNIDO

Survey of Supply Chains in Post-Conflict Conditions in Ukraine

2024 | Yohannes Ayele, Upalat Korwatanasakul, Nicola Cantore

The impact of the war on industrial sectors in Ukraine

2023 | UNIDO

Eco-Industrial Parks Policy Development in Ukraine

2024 | UNIDO

Circular Economy for Industrial Development in Ukraine: Baseline Study

2024 | Giovanni Marin, Elena Paglialunga

Environmental and socioeconomic consequences of the war and the green industrial recovery programme in Ukraine: Evidence from NICE

2024 | Viktoriia Khaustova, Upalat Korwatanasakul, Nicola Cantore

Analysis of industrial production and exports of goods from Ukraine and its regions, 2013-2022

2022 | UNIDO

Boosting Circular Economy in Ukraine

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