34th Session

Resumed 34th session


IDB.34/1 Provisional agenda

IDB.34/1/Add.1 Annotated provisional agenda


IDB.34/2                         Annual Report of UNIDO 2007

IDB.34/3 Lists of States included in Annex I to                         the Constitution of UNIDO

IDB.34/4                         Activities of the Joint Inspection                         Unit

IDB.34/5                         Activities of the Evaluation Group

IDB.34/6                         Implementation of the medium-term                         programme framework, 2008-2011, including                         South-South cooperation, regional programme                         for Latin America and the Caribbean and                         UNIDO access to the Global Environment                         Facility

IDB.34/7                         United Nations system-wide                         coherence

IDB.34/8                         Financial situation of UNIDO

IDB.34/9                         Date and place of the thirteenth                         session of the General Conference