Statements to the thirty-seventh session of the Industrial Development Board (10-12 May 2010)

Statements are posted as provided and may differ from those actually delivered. Therefore, they need to be checked against delivery. Statements are available in pdf format only.

Opening statement by Director-General

Statement by the President of the thirty-seventh session

Déclaration du Ministre de l'Industrie et de la Promotion du Secteur Privé, Cote d'Ivoire [French only]

Statement by Algeria on behalf of the G-77 and China

Statement by Spain on behalf of the European Union

Statement by Zimbabwe on behalf of the African Group

Statement by the Republic of Korea on behalf of the Asian Group

Declaración de Costa Rica en nombre de los Estados Miembros del Grupo de Países de América Latina y el Caribe (GRULAC) [Spanish only]

Statement by Japan

Statement by Norway

Déclaration du Maroc [French only]

Statement by China [Chinese only]

Statement by Turkey

Statement by the Russian Federation [Russian only]

Statement by India

Statement by Indonesia

Statement by Ukraine

Declaración de Ecuador [Spanish only]

Statement by Belarus [Russian/English]

Intervention de la France [French only]

Declaración de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela [Spanish only]

Statement by the Islamic Republic of Iran

Statement by Sri Lanka

Intervention de l'Autriche [French only]

Declaración de Cuba [Spanish only]

Intervención de Peru [Spanish only]

Statement by Sudan [Arabic only]

Statement by Colombia

Déclaration de l'Algérie [French only]

Statement by Pakistan

Statement by Croatia

Statement by the Association of Former United Nations Industry and Development Experts (AFIDE)