ISID Working Papers

The ten most recent issues of the ISID working papers series are available (free-of-charge) from this page. Earlier working papers are also available (free-of-charge) on the following pages

Too Much Energy - The Perverse Effect of Low Fuel Prices on Firms

Working Paper 4 | 2019

Author(s): Massimiliano Cali, Nicola Cantore, Leonardo Iacovones, Mariana Pereira-Lopez, Giorgio Presidente

Four shades of deindustrialization

Working Paper 2 | 2019

Author(s): Haverkamp, K., Clara, M.

Accelerated globalization and the dynamics of deindustrialization

Working Paper 27 | 2018

Author(s): Nobuya Haraguchi, Khuong Minh Vu, Jürgen Amann

Industrial development in least developed countries

Working Paper 26 | 2018

Author(s): Foteini Kanatsouli, Nelson Correa

Corporate social responsibility in global supply chains. Deeds not words

Working Paper 25 | 2018

Author(s): Holger Görg, Aoife Hanley, Adnan Seric

On the evolution of comparative advantage. Path-dependent versus path-defying changes

Working Paper 24 | 2018

Author(s): Nicola D. Coniglio, Davide Vurchio, Nicola Cantore, Michele Clara

Industrial policy measures for industrial energy efficiency improvements

Working Paper 23 | 2018

Author(s): Smeeta Fokeer, Denis Subbotnitskiy

What can policymakers learn from Germany’s Industrie 4.0 development strategy?

Working Paper 22 | 2018

Author(s): Johannes Horst, Fernando Santiago