ISID Working Papers

The ten most recent issues of the ISID working papers series are available (free-of-charge) from this page. Earlier working papers are also available (free-of-charge) on the following pages

Post-COVID-19 pathways to low-carbon industrialization

Working Paper 6 | 2021

Author(s): Fokeer, S.

The inclusive and sustainable competitive industrial performance index (ISCIP)

Working Paper 5 | 2021

Author(s): Cantore, N. , Cheng, C. F. C.

Energy prices and firms’ economic performance in emerging countries

Working Paper 4 | 2021

Author(s): Cali, M., Cantore, N., Marin, G. et al.

Towards a firm-level technological capability framework to endorse and realize the Fourth Industrial Revolution in developing countries

Working Paper 2 | 2021

Author(s): Santiago, F. , Peerally, J. A. , De Fuentes, C., Moghavvemi, S.