ISID Working Papers

The ten most recent issues of the ISID working papers series are available (free-of-charge) from this page. Earlier working papers are also available (free-of-charge) on the following pages

Institutional variety and sustainable industrial policy

Working Paper 20 | 2021

Author(s): Srinivas, S.

The Great Reset - Shifting contours of businesses in emerging markets

Working Paper 19 | 2021

Author(s): Seetharaman, P., Parthiban, R.

Reconciling industrial policy and disaster risk management in the context of extreme events

Working Paper 18 | 2021

Author(s): Santiago, F. , Laplane, A.

The impact of the pandemic on industries.

Working Paper 17 | 2021

Author(s): Pianta, M.

Adding the resilience dimension to industrial policy. Lessons from COVID-19

Working Paper 15 | 2021

Author(s): López-Gómez, C., Castañeda-Navarrete, J. , Yee Siong, T. , Leal-Ayala, D.