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The region accounts for more than half of the world’s population and is home to six of the ten most populous states in the world.  As a whole, the region has achieved unprecedented growth in the past decades and accounts for more than 35 per cent of the world's GDP. Rapid growth in the region has lifted millions of people out of poverty. Despite that, the Region is still home to about 700 million absolute poor. Income disparities within and between countries are also growing.  Moreover, rapid growth and demographic pressures have exerted significant stress on environment and natural resources.

UNIDO's Asia and Pacific programme

In a region as extensive and diverse as Asia and the Pacific, it makes good sense to work together with local or regional partners. The Asia and the Pacific Programme is responsible for developing regionally coherent programmatic approaches based on identified needs, priorities and demands of the countries of the Asia and the Pacific Region. The programme also serves as a focal point for coordinating UNIDO activities in the region in cooperation with UNIDO technical branches and the counterpart regional/sub-regional and country institutions in the Asia and Pacific countries. Furthermore, the Asia and the Pacific Programme is also responsible for providing policy guidance and supervision to its field network comprising Regional and Country Offices as well as UNIDO Desks and Focal Points within the region, comprising of sub-regions such as South Asia, Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia and the Pacific Island Countries.