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Regional Office India

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The UNIDO Regional Office in New Delhi covers seven countries including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal and Sri Lanka, and acts as a focal point to promote UNIDO’s mandate of inclusive and sustainable industrial development. The core elements of UNIDO’s technical cooperation services in India are to implement its activities in harmony with national policy priorities and development strategies; to build strong and long-term partnerships with donors; to increase UNIDO’s visibility; and to focus its assistance in a manner that addresses international development goals, especially the Sustainable Development Goals.

The UNIDO Country Programme (2013-2017) serves as the portfolio of development interventions by UNIDO, focusing on sustainable industrial development and inclusive economic growth. The Country Programme is aligned with the Government’s 12th Five Year Plan and the United Nations Development Action Framework (2013-2017). UNIDO also set up the International Centre for Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development in New Delhi, which works to upgrade manufacturing technologies in India, transfer technology and expertise to Least Developed Countries, mainly in Africa and Asia, and to facilitate South-South Cooperation.  


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Alternative contact person: Mr. Rajeev VIJH, Director of ICISID

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International Centre for Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development (ICISID)
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PO Box 3059;55 Lodi Estate;New Delhi 110003
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