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The UNIDO Liaison Office in Brussels provides strategic advisory services and policy advocacy to reinforce the vision and objectives of UNIDO at institutions of the European Union, the Organisation of the African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS) and partners in Belgium.

In 2020, the Office enhanced its engagement with the new European Commission and new European Parliament, all within the European Union Multiannual Financial Framework for the next seven years (2021–2027). In July, the Director General met the new OACPS Secretary General (2020–2025) to reaffirm commitment to SDG 9 for African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Countries. Under the exceptional circumstances of COVID-19, the Office organized several dialogues to enhance responsiveness in a holistic manner.

Ten internal virtual briefings covered European Union External Action, EU-Africa, EU Programming and the European Green Deal. Advancing IDDA III, virtual conferences were held on Quality and Standards during the Africa Industrialization Week, and on youth employment in Africa. The Brussels Office also became an official member of the Sahel Alliance donors coordination mechanism. As engaging as One UN is a priority, the Office led the UN Brussels Task Team on Digital and is a member of the Task Team on the Green Deal.

All these actions, in addition to the high volume of technical cooperation conducted in more than 100 countries, have provided significant value to the European Union, which remains the largest UNIDO donor of voluntary contributions from governmental sources.

Foreword from the Representative

COVID-19 is the most important crisis since World War II, which calls for the most ambitious decisions to shape the future of multilateral cooperation for global recovery.

On 3rd February 2021, E. Macron, A. Merkel, M. Sall, A. Guterres, C. Michel, and U. von der Leyen declared: “we believe that this one can be an opportunity to rebuild consensus for an international order based on multilateralism and the rule of law through efficient cooperation, solidarity, and coordination. In this spirit, we are determined to work together, with and within the United Nations, regional organizations, international fora such as the G7 and G20, and ad hoc coalitions to tackle the global challenges we face now and in the future.”

In that context, the United Nations, including UNIDO, is at forefront of the future of multilateral cooperation, giving UNIDO Liaison Offices a strategic role to position ISID in this novel political arena.

UNIDO Brussels Office plan for 2021 is a response to this new environment and plan to deliver the following outputs:

  • UNIDO’s strategic objectives in relation to the 2030 Agenda with strategic positioning towards EU accomplished through High Level strategic meetings with EU/OACPS, EPR/BRO International Policy Dialogues, EU International events, EU-UNIDO Flagship publication SOTIP 2022 and ACP-UNIDO flagship publication on best practices 2022.
  • Operationalization of the SDGs through strengthened partnerships with the EU, ACP and other partners in Brussels through High Level technical meetings with EU/OACPS, new partnerships developed, EU-UNIDO technical publications and ACP-UNIDO technical publications.
  • External relations with EU Member States, stakeholders and partners effectively managed, included EU non-MS
  • New avenues of financing with the EU and its partners explored and secured through meetings with DG INTPA, DG NEAR, EU Delegations, briefings with UNIDO HQs / FOs on EU priorities and programming, new UNIDO national/ regional/ global projects for EU funding 2021-2027.

Feel free to contact us to enhance and strengthen UNIDO – EU partnerships.

Patrick Gilabert

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