Ongoing project

Industrial Upgrading and Modernization Programme (SADC)

In the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region, and in the industrial sector, in particular, small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises play an increasingly important role in employment and wealth creation through value-addition and diversification of exports. However, in the context of globalization of the world economy and trade, a lack of productive capacities, supply-side constraints and low quality, as well as inadequate institutional and technical support infrastructure constitute the main constraints to SME development in SADC countries, and restrict their ability to take advantage of better access and integration into the global market.

At the request of the SADC Secretariat, UNIDO has formulated the Programme for Industrial Upgrading and Modernization in the SADC region which has as an objective to contribute to the strengthening of industrial capacities in SADC countries, supporting efforts of growth, employment creation, export promotion and poverty reduction. The approach is based on UNIDO’s previous experience in carrying out industrial upgrading and modernization programmes in Tunisia, Algeria and Senegal.
Specifically, the Programme aims at upgrading and improving the competitiveness of industries and related services by enhancing productivity and quality for better access to national, regional and international markets in the context of globalization, trade liberalization and economic diversification.
The Industrial Upgrading and Modernization Programme takes a multi-disciplinary approach involving SADC Secretariat, SADC Member States, technical support institutions, investment promotion agencies and export consortia to enhance capacities of both formal and informal priority sectors manufacturing enterprises.