Workshop on Pharmacopoeial monographs on MAPs ...

... and their products for the African region, Bamako, Mali, 24-26 November 2008

An efficient management and sustainable use of genetic resources of medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs) have become essential to the socio-economic growth of developing countries. ICS-UNIDO has been actively involved in conducting workshops and training programmes on various aspects of MAPs including quality control.

Jointly organized by ICS-UNIDO and in collaboration with the Department of Traditional Medicine, INSRP and the Ministry of Health, Mali, this Workshop is being organized for 20-25 highly skilled persons from Africa, to expose them to the state of the art facilities in oil extraction, processing and quality control in order to create awakening among developing countries about the latest developments taking place in this fast growing area.

The participants will be carefully selected from pharmaceutical and traditional medicine institutes of African countries through support of states and institutes engaged in the area of medicinal aromatic plants representing any of the following activities: drug control administration, drugs analysis, herbal drug manufacturing, practice of traditional medicines.

The Workshop will:

  • Assist SMEs, drug regulatory personnel, faculty members from institutes of pharmaceutical sciences & traditional medicine to acquire knowledge, skill and information on preparing pharmacopoeial monographs for herbal drugs in order to maintain, regulate and strengthen identity, purity, quality, safety and efficacy of MAPs products.
  • Encourage African countries with rich MAPs resources in promoting standardization and quality control of herbal medicinal products by developing pharmacopoeial monographs on MAPs and their products.
  • Impart knowledge on various techniques for developing standards of herbal products.

Tentative Programme 

The main topics to be deliberated during the workshop are:

  • Background of African pharmacopoeia.
  • Pharmacopoeia and monographs: experiences in Europe, India and Madagascar.
  • Preparation of monographs on quality standards of MAPs and pharmacopoeial status of herbal drugs (global view).
  • Significance of Taxonomic nomenclature, macroscopic and microscopic studies of plant drugs for pharmacopoeial monographs.
  • Chromatographic finger print profile of plant drugs in pharmacopoeial monographs.
  • Extraction, isolation, purification and characterization of reference phytochemical markers.
  • Documentation of chromatographic finger print profiling of MAPs using phytochemical reference markers.
  • Determination of extractive values, total ash, acid insoluble ash and volatile content in plant material.
  • Determination of heavy metals in MAPs.
  • Microbial load estimation and limits in MAPs.
  • Determination of pesticide residues and their limits in MAPs.
  • Maintaining repository of botanical reference standards (BRS) and phytochemical reference standards (PRS) for pharmacopoeial monographs.
  • Assay methods for plant drugs in the pharmacopoeia.


For more information, please contact the UNIDO Regional Office in South Africa on (Tel) +27 12 394 5463 or e-mail.