Project Description

Full Project Title: 

Environmentally Sound Management and Disposal of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs).



Project number:


Starting date:

April 2010


4 years

Total Project Budget:

7,380,790 USD


  • Ministry of Industry and Energy of Azerbaijan (MIE)

Project Description

The project will create the necessary capacity to implement national action plans on identification, labeling and environmentally sound removal, storage and disposal of targeted pure PCB oil, PCB containing equipment and waste in fulfillment of Azerbaijan’s commitments under the Stockholm Convention.

The project will enhance the regulatory infrastructure and strengthen institutions at national and local levels to identify, monitor, manage, and treat PCBs in an environmentally sound manner. Effective and efficient enforcement capacities will ensure that PCB-related laws and regulations are followed. Strengthened capacity for environmental sound management (ESM) of PCBs will include both discarded equipment and equipment remaining in use, so that continued operation and maintenance of that equipment does not create a global environmental risk.

The project will also directly provide for treatment and disposal of a minimum of 540 tons of identified targeted PCBs, including pure PCB oil, PCB-containing equipment and waste in accordance with the Stockholm Convention and Basel Convention guidelines.

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