Surveys and other strategic UNIDO activities in Senegal

UNIDO has profound knowledge of the productive system in Senegal.  UNIDO gathers information through project and financial surveys. The financial resources, granted by UNIDO Headquarters, support the implementation of the projects.

The following list includes only some surveys:

  • Analysis and basic elements of the Public-Private Partnership Model (PPP) in Senegal
    • They render the PPP approach essential for the conceptualization, the implementation of policies and economic strategies
    • The PPP approach was developed within the framework of the Accelerate Growth Strategy (SCA).
  • Strategic positioning of the packing industry in the agro-food industry
  • Funding mechanism for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Senegal
  • Decentralized funding and a new funding model for local micro and small enterprises (MSEs) provided by experts of the Support Project for Small Enterprises (PAPES)
  • Survey reviews and project experiences in the agro-food industry in Senegal since 1994
    • A hypertext preprocessor (PHP) database of 300 cross-references will soon be accessible through the UNIDO extranet.

UNIDO’s activities focus on the achievements of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), on environmental issues and on the constant support to governmental counterparts:

  • Support provided by the Ministry of Industry, in close cooperation with the private sector, for the elaboration and the implementation of the Industrial Redeployment Policy (PRI):
    • Industrial upgrading and modernization
    • Quality promotion and standardization of SMEs
    • Quality promotion and standardization of regional industries
  • Cooperation with the Ministry of Environment to support the implementation of international protocols and global funds in Senegal, assuring:
    • Projection of the ozone layer
    • Reduction of industrial pollution
    • Environmental risk reduction in the interest of the local population and nature
  • Regional project for Leather and Skin, in cooperation with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and Stock-Farming. Senegal trains butchers in cutting, decontamination and refurbishment of slaughterhouses such as the MPAL, and in improving the quality of skin and meat.
  • UNIDO’s important role within the United Nations Development Assistance Framework in the Tambacounda region (UNDAF Tamba) campaign, a joint initiative of regional (Regional Board, Regional Development Agency) and national authorities, of the United Nations System and other development partners
    • The campaign enhances economic and social development in the Tambacounda region in order to achieve the MDGs.
    • The implementation of the campaign ensures greater strategic coherence and synergies between different programmes and development actors in the region.