Short site visits

In case of short site visits, besides of appropriate strong shoes or safety boots initially no specific protection equipments will be necessary. Nevertheless, several safety measures should be taken into account as for example:

  • Avoid approaching and touching any potentially contaminated tool, equipment or surface.

  • In case risk of getting in contact with potential contaminants or contaminated surfaces or materials exists, according protection measures should be taken as for example using nitrile gloves or any other appropriate personal protection equipment  (see PPE’s).

  • If contamination levels are high and/or strong odours are noticed in an open air or a covered place, use of ad-hoc facemasks is recommended.

  • In case any object gets in contact with the contaminant it will be properly cleaned with paper and a specific organic desorption action.

  • If the visitor enters in contact with contaminant products the procedures described in the following paragraph (cleaning and medical procedures) should be followed.

  • If measurements with special measurement devices are planned during site visits, it is recommended to protect these devices and other possible tools in order to avoid contamination. For this reason, it is possible to wrap the devices with plastic sheets or any other protective cover that might be disposed afterwards. This will be also applied during further detailed investigation phase as it can be seen in the picture on the right. It is important to take into account that persistent organic compounds are highly bioaccumulative and toxic and for this reason all possible protection measures will be good.

  • If site visits are performed regularly, besides the already mentioned cautions, a medical control will be necessary. Hence, blood analyses will be performed before starting with site visits and after site visits have finished in order to verify that necessary health conditions are fulfilled and to control analytical values have not changed due to potential contamination. Analytical measures that might be required in case of persistent organic compounds as are indicated in the corresponding Health Surveillance Protocol.

Equipment wrapped with plastic sheets in order to avoid contamination

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