The Union of Comoros is a country formed by a part of the islands of the Comoros archipelago

These islands have a total surface area of 2 235 km2 and have 798 000 inhabitants. The main islands are: Ngazidja, Mwali and Nzwani. One of the Comoros' main problems is its situation as remote island group.

The creation of economic take-off conditions is still an obstacle to the country, due to a lack of institutional stability. Comoros is affected by its geographical situation and needs more infrastructures to open up the islands.

Furthermore, the country has had difficulties with the public tax collection in 2004 as well as with the lack of control of public expenditures in 2005. The economic outlook is limited and the Comoros' economic global balance is assured only by the financial transfers of the diaspora.

Most of the population is rural and lives essentially on fishing or agriculture. Comoros exports mainly vanilla, ylang-ylang and clove.


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