Project Description

Vietnam GF/VIE/08/005

Full Project Title:

Introduction of BAT and BEP methodology to demonstrate reduction or elimination of unintentionally produced persistent organic pollutants (UP-POPs) releases from the industry

Project number:


Starting date:

 June 2008


 2 years

Total Project Budget:

 2,395,000 U$


  • Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
  • Vietnam Environmental Protection Agency (VEPA)  

Project Description:

By becoming a party to the Stockholm Convention from its beginning, Vietnam has demonstrated that the reduction or elimination of POPs releases is a respective national priority and that it is committed to take appropriate actions.  Since 1993, Vietnam has paid close attention to the management of POPs and other toxic chemicals. The Government has adopted a series of legal documents on prohibition of the production and use of all POPs pesticides in Vietnam. DDT and Lindane have been officially prohibited since 1993. All nine of the POPs pesticides covered by the Stockholm Convention have now been prohibited from use. PCBs are only imported and used under strict conditions pursuant to the regulations of the Ministry of Industry (MOI). Vietnam has, with the financial assistance from GEF, studied the POPs situation in the country and elaborated a National Implementation Plan (NIP) detailing the legislative, management as well as technical needs for reducing and eliminating POPs. The action plan section of the NIP details priority areas to be tackled by 2020. According to the Action Plan, Vietnam is to apply BAT and promote BEP in new sources in priority (Part II of Annex C of the Stockholm Convention) source categories by 16 May 2008, and complete dioxin release reduction demonstrations in selected existing sources in the priority sectors by 2010. The sector-wide introduction of BAT/BEP is planned to be completed by 2020.

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