Safety Risk Assessment

The Health and Safety Plan specifies the need of evaluating risks associated to investigation works performed at specific contaminated site conditions and working characteristics.

In order to evaluate risks the following steps should be taken into account:

  • Identification of working situations

  • Identification of relevant risk factors associated to previous defined working situations

  • Identification and assessment of specific risks associated to working situations. Assessment of risks can be principally estimated based on the magnitude of damage and the probability of occurring.


Nevertheless, numerous different methods of risk assessment can be applied and their use will depend mainly on the field of application.

Risk assessment yields a general safety diagnosis which identifies for each working situation the most relevant risks and establishes accordingly appropriate safety measures. Hence, a preventive action which refers to all relevant risks that can appear during a site investigation will be defined. Special attention should be paid to:

  • Organization and staff training

  • Safety measures (general measures, safety and hygiene materials and specific action protocols)



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