Project for establishment of a national cleaner production centre (MNCPC) in Mozambique

Significantly improved industrial and environmental management practices in industry will result in reductions in risks to human health and the environment, as well as enhanced industrial productivity, especially for SMEs, in Mozambique.
The project aims to establish a National Cleaner Production Centre (NCPC) in Mozambique to facilitate the transfer of cleaner production techniques from developed and developing countries, which Mozambican industrial enterprises and environmental management agencies can incorporate in their industrial pollution reduction programmes.
The Mozambique NCPC (MNCPC) will promote and disseminate the concept of cleaner production (CP) and act as a cleaner production focal point with a catalytic role in improving the environmental and economic performance of the Mozambican industry.

The project will build capacity within the host institution to provide four core services:

  • in-plant assessments,
  • training,
  • information dissemination,
  • and policy dialogue with the Government.

All project activities will be undertaken with the national staff of the Centre with the assistance of experts from a counterpart institution in a developed country and UNIDO/UNEP staff.
The programme is designed on the basis of an analysis of the country specific conditions in Mozambique and the experience UNIDO/UNEP has gained through establishing NCPCs in more than ten countries, including Tanzania and Zimbabwe.