South Africa

Industrial Energy Management Programme

South Africa has a very energy intensive industry developed on the basis of abundant and exceptionally cheap energy resources. However, for several years it has been predicted that the region would fall short of capacity and in the beginning of 2008, the country experienced an energy crisis with frequently planned and unplanned blackouts. This lack of energy directly threatens the growth rate in the country and the region. Electricity price increases have been implemented, with further increases in the pipeline, and South Africa has reached a critical turning point in its energy policy.

The South African industry and the Department for Trade and Industry, in close collaboration with the Department of Minerals and Energy, have in this context requested the urgent systematic support for introduction and implementation of an  industrial energy efficiency project.

The project aims at contributing to a significant shift in industrial energy practices in South Africa and possibly in the Southern African Region, by implementing a System of Energy Management Standards (EMS) and ensuring that industries in agro-processing, chemical and liquid fuels, mechanical engineering, automotive and mining are utilising the. In order to achieve this goal, it is planned to stimulate the demand of Energy Efficient services. Through the implementation of the EMS, awareness will be increased through demonstration projects and new incentives schemes for selected industries. It is planned to support the supply of Energy Efficient Services by building the institutional capacities to accredit, audit, train as well as implement EMS and System optimization.

The Project will also lead to significant reduction of CO2 emissions. The project will also establish a comprehensive monitoring system for the energy savings and productivity gains.