Wednesday, 30 November 2011

UNIDO, WorldSkills International and WorldSkills Germany agree to promote industrial skills development

VIENNA, 30 November 2011 – The United Nations Development Organization (UNIDO) will work with WorldSkills International and WorldSkills Germany on generating worldwide awareness of the essential contribution that skills and industrial development make to the achievement of economic success.

This was agreed today at a meeting between UNIDO Director-General, Kandeh K. Yumkella, WorldSkills President, Simon Bartley, and WorldSkills Germany Managing Board Member, Elfi Klumpp.

“Traditional trade and craft skills along with the newer technology multi-skilled vocations make an essential contribution to the economic and social well being of people around the world,” said Yumkella.

“Our cooperation with WorldSkills aims at fostering a symbiosis between industry and education and, by doing so, creating global awareness on various levels in the education and industry sector as well as in governmental institutions.”

By means of skills competitions and other skills related activities, WorldSkills International  introduces world-class competency standards in the industrial trades and service sectors, and helps in achieving higher standards and status for vocational education and training on a worldwide basis.

Simon Bartley said: “WorldSkills organizations worldwide will work closely with UNIDO to develop a joint programme, with the possibility to include common skills and development activities in a wide range of countries and areas of interest to the three organizations.”

Elfi Klumpp said: “We invite UNIDO and all its Member States to develop partnerships and participate in the WorldSkills Event 2013 in Leipzig. Our plan is to organize in Leipzig the 1st International UNIDO - WorldSkills Excellence Forum. It would serve as a high-level interactive matchmaking and exchange platform that would bring together policy-makers from industry and vocational education. This will allow us to continue the programme Industrial Development and Vocational Skills for a Better World.”

Watch a video about WorldSkills and Brazilian astronaut Marcos Pontes and see how basic education and professional skills can make a difference to children around the world: 

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