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GC 17 - Related Information and Documents

Member States and invited non-Member States and organizations are invited to submit the names of the head and other members of the delegation to the seventeenth session in writing, in the form of a note verbale, issued by either the Permanent Mission or the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

A contact e-mail address is required for each member of the delegation. The registration system will automatically send an e-mail to the specified address, requesting the delegate to upload an ID photograph in .jpeg format (less than 2 MB in size). Participants who are holders of Vienna International Centre access cards or have attended prior UNIDO conferences will not be required to upload a new photograph. It is essential that the original notifications also be mailed to:

Policymaking Organs Secretariat
UNIDO, Room D2209,
Vienna International Centre,
P.O. Box 300,
1400 Vienna, Austria.

In order to facilitate registration procedures and to issue conference access cards, the note verbale is to be sent as an attachment to an e-mail exclusively to

Credentials: Member States only (Head of delegation)

In accordance with rule 27 of the rules of procedure of the Conference, the credentials of representatives (normally the head of delegation) are to be submitted to the Director General, if possible not less than one week before the opening of the session. The credentials of the representatives must be issued either by the Head of State or Government or by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Member concerned. A Permanent Representative to the Organization who is designated as representative does not require special credentials if his or her letter of accreditation to the Organization already specifies that he or she is authorized to represent his or her Government at sessions of the Conference, it being understood that this does not preclude that Government from accrediting another person as its representative by means of special credentials. Delegations are advised that the timely submission of credentials will greatly facilitate the work of the Credentials Committee.

The list of speakers for the plenary meetings, when substantive items of the provisional agenda will be under review, will be opened on Monday, 30 October 2017. As of that date, requests for inscription onto the list of speakers should be made to Mr. Federico Castellani Koessler of the Policymaking Organs Secretariat, UNIDO, Room D2211 (e-mail: The names of the speakers will be entered on the list in the order in which requests are received, with due regard to protocol requirements. It should be noted that requests for inscription on the list of speakers prior to 30 October 2017 cannot be accommodated.

As foreseen in the tentative schedule, the general debate is expected to commence after the opening of the session on Monday morning, 27 November, and will continue until Thursday afternoon, 30 November. It has been foreseen that under item 6, Appointment of the Director General, only regional groups will be given the floor to deliver congratulatory statements of a maximum of three minutes.

Speakers are reminded that, as per established practice, statements in the general debate should be limited to a maximum of five minutes for Member States and ten minutes for regional groups.

Once the Conference has commenced, delegates who wish to speak during the plenary and who have not already been placed on the list of speakers, can be accommodated by giving their names to the Conference Officer in the plenary hall.

Media representatives who wish to attend the UNIDO General Conference and/or side events, and who are not accredited to the VIC, should write to

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