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Office of Evaluation and Internal Oversight (EIO)

EIO Brochure (2021)


The Circular Economy in Latin America and the Caribbean

Opportunities for Building Resilience


Circular Economy and Agribusiness Development


Curbing Illicit Mercury and Gold Flows in West Africa: Options for a Regional Approach


Braving the Elements: UNIDO and Mercury

Driving Circularity

Driving Circularity: International Conference on Circular Economy in Automotive Industries


UNIDO's Cross-Cutting Services

Circular Economy

Industry 4.0: Opportunities and challenges of the new Industrial Revolution for developing countries and economies in transition

Supporting vulnerable countries on their path to poverty eradication and prosperity

Industrialization in Africa and Least Developed Countries

A UNIDO report to the G20 development working group

UNIDO and EU cooperation (2005-2015)

2015 (118 pages)

Tanzania Investor Survey Report: Understanding the impact of domestic and foreign direct investment

2014 (94 pages/1.68 MB)

Emerging green technologies for the Manufacturing sector

Free publication

UNIDO's work on inclusive and sustainable industrial development (ISID) by region

Emerging Trends In Global Manufacturing Industries

Free publication

21st Century Manufacturing

Free publication

UNIDO: Partner for Prosperity

Free publication

ASIA 2050: The Sustainable Route to Prosperity

Free report

Prosperity for the billions in Asia and the Pacific: green growth and poverty reduction

Free publication

Diagnostics for Industrial Value Chain Development

Free publication

Agribusiness for Africa’s Prosperity

Free publication

UNIDO Policy Brief


Networks for Prosperity: Achieving Development Goals through Knowledge Sharing


Networks for Prosperity: Achieving Development Goals through Knowledge Sharing

Executive summary

Public Goods for Economic Development

ISBN: 978-92-1-106444-5, Language: English, Date: 2008, Order No.: ID/437, Price: Euro 40.00

The Cooperation between UNIDO and the Global Environment Facility: A partnership for green energy and the environment


Patterns of Internationalization for Developing Country Enterprises (Alliances and Joint Ventures)

ISBN: 978-92-1-106443-8 (English), 978-92-1-206192-4 (French), Language: English, French, Date: 2008, Order No.: ID/436, Price: Euro 30.00

The Cooperation between UNIDO and the European Union: A  partnership for inclusive growth and sustainable development


Industrial Development Report 2009.        

Breaking In and Moving Up:  New Industrial Challenges for the Bottom Billion and the Middle-Income Countries

ISBN: 978-92-1-106445-2; Language: English; Date: 2009;  Order No.: ID/438; Price:  Euro: 40.00

The Cooperation between UNIDO and the African Union: A longstanding partnership for poverty reduction and green growth


Africa Investor Report 2011: Towards Evidence-Based Investment Promotion Strategies


Viet Nam Industrial Investment Report 2011

Understanding the impact of foreign direct

investment on industrial development

Industrious Africa: A Selection of UNIDO’s activities in Africa (PDF, 2,782 KB)

Discerning observers of Africa will have

noticed that, despite the dire pictures

shown on television or in the press, many

African countries have emerged as open

and democratic economies. The World

Bank has recorded an average growth

rate of 5.5 per cent in the last few years.

If Africa is able to maintain this increase

and at the same time pay attention to

qualitative and equitable growth, we will

soon see an acceleration in the number of

jobs created.

ISO 9001—Its relevance and impact in Asian Developing Economies